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St. Thomas University

29th September, 2008. 10:17 pm. Hitch a ride? Cross posted.(m_tothe_at)

Hey all!
Is anyone heading out to the Bad Religion concert in Moncton tomorrow? Or maybe just going to Moncton for some other reason? My friend and I are looking for a ride, and would be very greatful to anyone heading that way. We could throw in some gas money for the troubles.

We'll be leaving around ten tomorrow to start hitchhiking, if you could reply to this before then, or call me before or after that at (506)-260-5278, and let me know that's be great.


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7th September, 2008. 8:34 pm. Wanted: Adventurous Time Traveller to join our Team(sadrx)

X-posted rooming add for Fredericton.

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1st May, 2008. 5:47 pm. Mark Adams will be Missed(gothic_glamor)

It is with sadness that I post this, Mark Adams a former STU graduate, has passed away after being hit by a car while in a crosswalk.

I hope that someone will read this msg who had known and loved Mark. He was one of the first people I had met at STU, way back in our first year. Quickly I understood Mark to be one of the nicest people I would ever meet. He was the responsible one in the group of friends. A very intelligent fellow, who was going to do more great things in his life.

Please know that Mark made a difference in each life that he touched. He showed me that there were genuine people in this world. I knew him mainly through first and second year of university. But as time passed he was one of those people whenever I saw him, I could start up a conversation.

He showed a great deal of kindness to those who had known him. There will be a gap missing in the lives of those who had gotten to know the Great Mark Adams. I know at least for me, a bit of his view on life will stay with me.

I hope that you are able to find some comfort in knowing that Mark did make a difference in the lives of others, its an amazing quality to be able to do that.

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16th January, 2008. 10:32 pm. UNB Travel Study Program(endxgame)

I am wondering if anyone here has done the UNB travel study program?  Specifically I am looking to head to do the NYC one and I just had a few questions I'd like to pitch at anyone who may have done it/knows anyone who did it.

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15th August, 2007. 6:26 pm.(silverorchid)


I'm trying to sell a futon, it's one year old, pretty much perfect condition and it's really pretty! It's dark blue, really solid, no metal frame showing or anything, long enough to fit a grown man comfortably.

The futon is in storage right now but it can be picked up anytime after the fourth of September. :D Asking $200.00, or best offer.

Current mood: hopeful.

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10th August, 2007. 6:40 pm.(highonsunday51)

Randomly posting here but does anyone have any of these novels you're willing to sell me in this area?

Children of Men by PD James
Summer Point by Linda McNutt
Woman at Point Zero by Nawal El Saadawa
Quilt by Donna E. Smyth
Words Out There: Women Poets in Atlantic Canada, edited by Jeannette Lynes

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27th July, 2007. 10:26 am. ROOM MATE WANTED(princess_night)

I've got a bedroom available up off Forest Hill Road. It's a 3 bedroom apartment, but one is so small, its not really fit for an adult to live in.

475/month all power/heat/water included
Parking included
washer and dryer and clothesline
1-2 minute walk to a bus stop
10-15 bus ride to campus
cats allowed

Mature female only please.

NO smoking

I'm not a partier, and would prefer someone similar.

I'm fun to live with, love cooking big meals and playing cards. I like keeping thing clean (have to with cats, lol)

I'd be willing to half on bills for things like, phone, cable, internet etc etc. Maybe even groceries if you wanted.

If interested, comment below! Know someone interested? Send them my way!

semichaud {at} gmail dot com

Also check out my profile at Roommate Click . com

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24th June, 2007. 8:04 pm.(tyedyechic)

Have some stuff to get rid of before I move yet again:

-GE cordless phone, white, $7

-Large black artists sketchbook(has been used but has about 25 pages left in it) $5

-Large 30 day wall mountable white board calendar, $10

-Simpsons Ultimate Trivia Game, played about 3-5 times, $15
Still has all pieces and cards

- Sony Play Station Original, do have tony hawk and a couple other games which I'll have to search for and includes one controller. $15 or best offer

-Epson C42UX Printer, Have had it 3-4 years and has served me well during Univ, $15

-Black GE Cordless Phone with Caller Display. Numbers 9 and 1 stick sometimes, still in excellent condition. $10

-Ladies white rain/dressy/fall jacket knee length, size L, $8 (also a val village purchase, never wore)

-Doc Marten, ladies, black Docs, over the ankle, size 7-8, $5
In pretty good shape, scuffing on one of toes SOLD

-'Dell Quiet Key' keyboard, white, $6 SOLD

I also have a ton of textbooks for any STU kids, I can send along a list if you are interested.
:) K
xposted to fredericton communities

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15th May, 2007. 5:34 pm.(melissa_rose)

Hello! I am a STU Alumni/potential student for the fall with a quick question (I've never had this issue before so I figured it was worth a shot).

I am waitlisted for a STU programme and I'm just wondering what are the odds of actually getting in? I'm going to email the department later on today/tomorrow I just thought I'd ask here as well.

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11th May, 2007. 12:53 am. Punk/Dance show @ Vixens!!1(moosepie)

I know that this is for St. Thomas, but I'm a St. Thomas student and I was hoping my student body would come out to support me at my show!

Vixens Bar, Northumberland St 10pm, only 5$$$

Windom Earle (karaoke dance core from Hali!!)
Crimson Tides (Punk from Hali)
A/V (everyone's favorite fredericton solo dance act!)
Team Rocket (experimental electro dance punk rock from freddy! Last show in Freddy????)

Come out with your dance shoes on and have a few beer with us!

Current mood: dancy.

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